M. Willegger

Senior Pharmaceutical Representative

How did you find NiK Personnel Consulting?

I found NiK Personnel Consulting, as an acquaintance - who is already a NiK Personnel Consulting candidate - with my agreement, passed on my contact data. NiK Personnel Consulting made me some very interesting job offers at once and continuously maintained contact with me.

Which position could we place you in?

You cold place me as a senior pharmaceutical representative in the special field services area endocrinology.

What did you think of our communication?

The communication was very pleasant and informative.

What can you as an experienced candidate recommend to other people at a career changing stage?

The most important thing is to always stay calm and be sure of yourself, as only then can i convince others about myself and my abilities.

Feedback for us / Would you contact us again?

I would contact NiK Personnel Consulting again at any time and also recommend them!

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