P. Spengel

Area Manager

Which professional situation did you apply to NiK Personnel Consulting from?

I was working as an Area Manager in a medium-sized Japanese company. After good prospects at the start my professional situation unfortunately led into a blind alley with the prospect of shortly losing the job. Hence I oriented myself to the market and came to NiK through a recommendation.

Which position could we place you in?

I have been working as a Product Manager since 1. February 2008 in a small company with great chances for the future. Ms Kummerlöwe helped me with this, I have found my dream job! Thank you very much indeed for this!

What was important for you when choosing a personnel consultant?

I wanted a constructive, honest and targeted consulting, in which I could recognize myself. Where my experience and abilities are correctly evaluated, openly addressed and specifically considered when job hunting. Furthermore trust is an important basis for working well together and I have found this here.

What did you think of our communication?

Very good! Open, accessible at any time! Was a real help also in a phase when you think "uh now nothing is working!"

What can you as an experienced candidate recommend to other people at a career changing stage?

Never give up, even after setbacks simply lean back and wait it out.

Feedback for us / Would you contact us again?

Anytime again!

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